What to expect before and during our date: You know the nervous yet excited feeling you have prior to that knock on the door! Well I have that too!  After being verified and screened I'm happy to chat about our date. Perhaps you have an attire request or suggestion for me about what you'd like? Although I'm always fond of dates that unfold naturally I also understand that we all have our "thing". With that said I do have a few "rules" if you will. I will be impeccably manicured and put together as well as freshly showered. I expect the same from you and can accommodate a shower and everything you will need at my place.  I promise you being as clean as possible will benefit you in the long run ;)  

I also ask that you take care of the gift within the first few minutes of us meeting. Please place it in an unsealed envelope within plain site. Please do not make me ask for it as that's just uncomfortable for us both. If you wish to extend our time together please be prepared to take care of the additional gift if my schedule allows. 

Aside from that my only other "rule" is to just relax, have fun, and enjoy our time spent together! You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough! 

*Screening: I require all New friends to be screened. No exceptions. This is in place for both my safety and yours! 

I accept the following means of verification: 2 established Independent provider references (their email, website, as well as when and where you last saw them) Preferred411, Linkdn with 500+ connections. Work website as well as work email.

*Cancelation Policy: Dates canceled within 24 hours of our actual date are subject to a 50% cancelation fee. Dates canceled within 12 hours of our date will require a 100% cancelation fee. This will be applied to any future date set within a 3 month time period. Failure to pay my fee within a 72 hour time frame will result in not only being able to not book with me in the future but also being placed on the blacklist.  I understand life happens and things come up but my time is valuable and I'd expect you to be the gentleman that I know you are!